Royal H Cycles

Each Lug is as unique & Special as the bicycle

Hand-crafted bikes that are as efficient as they are beautiful. Royal H Cycles is a Boston, MA based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in hand made, braze joined, steel bikes.

Joe’s Road

this bike was a lot of fun to make. the fillet brazing allowed for total freedom in geometry, which was helpful in designing a frame with 6 degrees of top tube slope for a rider with a history of lower back problems. and for a lugged builder, it’s nice to throw the brass around every now and again. another challenge of the build was trying to hit an aggressive budget without skimping on components. i’m happy to say that this bike fit the rider perfectly and came in under $4000, which is a great price for a complete custom bike, if you ask me! i’ve used sram apex before, and it gets better every year. it’s my go to group for customers who want no nonsense performance at a good price. for customers who want lots of nonsense at a maximum price, i can do that as well. this is custom, after all. the excellent paint on this bike was done by jay at circle a cycles, and captured on film by eric baumann.