Royal H Cycles

Each Lug is as unique & Special as the bicycle

Hand-crafted bikes that are as efficient as they are beautiful. Royal H Cycles is a Boston, MA based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in hand made, braze joined, steel bikes.

Mike’s Road

This bike was built for my good friend Mike of Seven and Sketchy Cycles. Mike has a Mavic problem, and this bike helped to hang some of the piles of French parts that he’s been collecting over the years. What started as a joke about building a frame around the company’s most obscure/poorly understood group quickly became and awesome show bike. One that, I should add, works perfectly. Mektronic was Mavic’s second evolution of their electronic shifting group, one that was wireless for the rear derailleur. A great idea that didn’t catch on. Apparently prone to interference. But when you’re far enough away from those radio towers, it shifts quite well. And with no motor (the shifting is powered by the chain rotating the pulley), it’s very light. The paint is a pearl marble with ragged transition to candy red. Other frame highlights include Columbus semi-horizontal dropouts & fork ends, Zeus fork crown, and machined bottom bracket shell. Definitely a fun bike to build, ride, and look at.

Photography by Eric Baumann.