Royal H Cycles

Each Lug is as unique & Special as the bicycle

Hand-crafted bikes that are as efficient as they are beautiful. Royal H Cycles is a Boston, MA based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in hand made, braze joined, steel bikes.

John’s Rohloff Road

This bike started with a simple premise- a multi-speed bike that has the clean lines of a single speed. There are a few choices in the internally geared hub world, but one stands out as the undisputed champion- the Rohloff Speedhub. 14 gears offering a huge range in one hub. Add a belt drive to the mix and you have quite the tidy drivetrain. The rest of the parts follow suit- Paragon Machine Works, Chris King, Paul, Nitto. This bike started its life fairly streamlined, but it has all the capabilities for fenders and racks if the need arises. Quite a fun commuter, a capable road bike, a versatile touring machine. It could even be a belt drive single speed with a new rear wheel…

Photos by Eric Baumann.