Royal H Cycles Custom made bicycle frames in Boston MA Thu, 13 Mar 2014 22:12:04 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Joe’s Road Thu, 13 Mar 2014 22:03:36 +0000 this bike was a lot of fun to make. the fillet brazing allowed for total freedom in geometry, which was helpful in designing a frame with 6 degrees of top tube slope for a rider with a history of lower back problems. and for a lugged builder, it’s nice to throw the brass around every now and again. another challenge of the build was trying to hit an aggressive budget without skimping on components. i’m happy to say that this bike fit the rider perfectly and came in under $4000, which is a great price for a complete custom bike, if you ask me! i’ve used sram apex before, and it gets better every year. it’s my go to group for customers who want no nonsense performance at a good price. for customers who want lots of nonsense at a maximum price, i can do that as well. this is custom, after all. the excellent paint on this bike was done by jay at circle a cycles, and captured on film by eric baumann.

Royal H Orange Road_01 Royal H Orange Road_02 Royal H Orange Road_03 Royal H Orange Road_04 Royal H Orange Road_05 Royal H Orange Road_06 Royal H Orange Road_07 Royal H Orange Road_08 Royal H Orange Road_09 Royal H Orange Road_10 Royal H Orange Road_11 Royal H Orange Road_12 Royal H Orange Road_13 Royal H Orange Road_14 Royal H Orange Road_15 Royal H Orange Road_16 Royal H Orange Road_17 Royal H Orange Road_18 Royal H Orange Road_19 Royal H Orange Road_20 ]]> 0
Alison’s Rohloff Rando Mon, 10 Mar 2014 23:31:28 +0000 the other half of the rohloff pair- this one with a slightly different frame construction- the classic mixte. the stays are bent to accommodate the wider spacing of the paragon slider dropouts. sliders are perfect for fendered, internally geared (or single speed) bikes- the wheel drops right out and the fender line is perfect. definitely a builder’s dream. plus they look great. identical to mike’s in almost every regard, build wise, this bike is easy on the eyes. the low trail gives it a french look, while allowing stable handling with a front handlebar bag. lighting is impressive with son and schmidt up front. this thing can ride all day and all night. paint by circle a, photos by eric baumann. Royal H Green Tourer_01 Royal H Green Tourer_02 Royal H Green Tourer_03 Royal H Green Tourer_04 Royal H Green Tourer_05 Royal H Green Tourer_06 Royal H Green Tourer_07 Royal H Green Tourer_08 Royal H Green Tourer_09 Royal H Green Tourer_10 Royal H Green Tourer_11 Royal H Green Tourer_12 Royal H Green Tourer_13 Royal H Green Tourer_14 Royal H Green Tourer_15 Royal H Green Tourer_16 Royal H Green Tourer_17 Royal H Green Tourer_18

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Mike’s Rohloff Rando Mon, 10 Mar 2014 23:15:30 +0000 it’s not often you get to build a set of bikes for a couple! two bikes with the same build- son generator hubs, 14 speed rohloff internally geared and indestructible drivetrains, front and rear v.o. racks (modified for the 650b wheels), and the list goes on and on. most of the parts are instantly recognizable- paul cranks and brakes, king headset, nitto cockpit, and they all fit cohesively into a very practical, very capable set of bikes. no complaining that you don’t have the gears when you and your partner are riding the exact same ratios! mike’s bike features american cast henry james lugs and american machined paragon slider drops- the best looking pair for internally geared, lugged machines, in my opinion. jordan low did a great job of painting the un-photographable klein international blue. in real life it’s both blue and purple at the same time- almost prismatic. photos really don’t do it justice. but eric baumann did a good job getting pretty close!

Royal H Blue Tourer_01 Royal H Blue Tourer_02 Royal H Blue Tourer_03 Royal H Blue Tourer_04 Royal H Blue Tourer_05 Royal H Blue Tourer_06 Royal H Blue Tourer_07 Royal H Blue Tourer_08 Royal H Blue Tourer_09 Royal H Blue Tourer_10 Royal H Blue Tourer_11 Royal H Blue Tourer_12 Royal H Blue Tourer_13 Royal H Blue Tourer_14 ]]> 0
Ben’s Cross Mon, 10 Mar 2014 20:44:33 +0000 ben is one of those riders who wants a lot of functionality in their bicycles- something that is capable on and off the road, racing as well as commuting. this works best when you’re an aggressive commuter, which i’m guessing is the case for ben. this bike was built up for cross racing, but with enough added bosses to make it capable for some light touring. even the wound up fork has some fender bosses on there if you really wanted to turn it into a proper commuter. if you throw some 28s on her, she’s quite fast on the roads as well. some bikes really can do it all. thanks to eric baumann for the photography, and circle a for the excellent matte grey paint.

Royal H Silver CX_01 Royal H Silver CX_02 Royal H Silver CX_03 Royal H Silver CX_04 Royal H Silver CX_05 Royal H Silver CX_06 Royal H Silver CX_07 Royal H Silver CX_08 Royal H Silver CX_09 Royal H Silver CX_10 Royal H Silver CX_11 Royal H Silver CX_12 Royal H Silver CX_13 Royal H Silver CX_14 Royal H Silver CX_15 Royal H Silver CX_16 Royal H Silver CX_17 Royal H Silver CX_18 Royal H Silver CX_19 Royal H Silver CX_20 Royal H Silver CX_21 ]]> 0
Christof’s Fixed Mon, 10 Mar 2014 19:37:16 +0000 christof isn’t afraid of taking a fixed gear out in the rain, or on a fifty mile ride. or on a fifty mile ride in the rain. he brought in his current bike for measurements and it was living with the grime and wear of a bike that didn’t take days off. he wanted his royal h to be capable of handling the same abuse, but a little lighter and more aggressive- capable of pushing the pace, if asked. lightweight tubes, no nonsense wheels, and the best sealed bearing headset and bottom brackets in the business should keep this bike rolling fast in any weather. excellent paint by circle a, and excellent evening photography by eric baumann. _MG_3465 _MG_3478 _MG_3479 _MG_3484 _MG_3493 _MG_3498 _MG_3504 _MG_3512 _MG_3513 _MG_3517 _MG_3519 _MG_3524 _MG_3529 _MG_3534 _MG_3537 _MG_3553 _MG_3559 _MG_3560 _MG_3559

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Caitlin’s Touring Fri, 22 Nov 2013 23:19:47 +0000 Caitlin is one of a rare category of Royal H customers- those who own TWO. Sitting on opposite ends of the bike spectrum- her first a track bike, and her most recent a touring bike with all the braze ons you could want. And while it’s not currently pictured with lights, fenders, or racks, they all have a place to go when the time is right. Amazing paint job by Jordan Low, photographs by Eric Baumann. RoyalHBlue_01 RoyalHBlue_03 RoyalHBlue_04 RoyalHBlue_05 RoyalHBlue_06 RoyalHBlue_08 RoyalHBlue_09 RoyalHBlue_10 RoyalHBlue_11 RoyalHBlue_12 RoyalHBlue_13 RoyalHBlue_14 RoyalHBlue_15 RoyalHBlue_16 RoyalHBlue_17 RoyalHBlue_18 RoyalHBlue_19 RoyalHBlue_20 RoyalHBlue_21 RoyalHBlue_22


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John’s Rando Fri, 22 Nov 2013 23:05:49 +0000 John has done a lot of riding in his day- a tour across the country in the 90s and too many centuries to count. He wanted a road bike with a smaller differential that would allow him to keep riding comfortably for many more miles to come. Comfort and distance were becoming to him more important than speed and racing. But this bike is no slouch- oversized tubes and Campagnolo triple drivetrain allow for a light bike that can handle anything you throw at it. Full fenders, 650B x 42mm tires, rack, and lighting system put it squarely in the randonneuring category. Paint by Tim Dixon, photography by Eric Baumann. Royal H Teal Rando_01 Royal H Teal Rando_02 Royal H Teal Rando_03 Royal H Teal Rando_04 Royal H Teal Rando_05 Royal H Teal Rando_07 Royal H Teal Rando_09 Royal H Teal Rando_11 Royal H Teal Rando_15 Royal H Teal Rando_16 Royal H Teal Rando_17 Royal H Teal Rando_18 Royal H Teal Rando_19 Royal H Teal Rando_20

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Pete’s Mountain Fri, 22 Nov 2013 20:19:07 +0000 A Royal H first in many regards- first mountain bike, first fully fillet brazed frame, first matte black color scheme, first use of an eternally butted seat tube, etc., etc. This bike was built up around 650B tires- the perfect solution for medium height mountain bikers who want to get rad. I think it will look good with a topcoat of mud as well. (Pre-mud) paint by Circle A Cycles, photography by Eric Baumann.

_MG_2677 _MG_2696 _MG_2705 _MG_2711 _MG_2716 _MG_2723 _MG_2735 _MG_2736 _MG_2755 _MG_2763 _MG_2776 _MG_2785 ]]> 0
Alan’s Road Thu, 21 Nov 2013 00:04:54 +0000 Alan’s bike is a classic example of what fillet brazing can allow- a little bit of top tube slope! Alan was riding a much heavier, internally geared bike for longer and longer rides when he decided to take the plunge into custom. This bike allows for plenty of comfort, with the drops available for hammering and descending. The bike also features a NOS Raleigh internal fork crown that matches nicely the smooth fillets of the head tube. Room for fenders and racks make this quite the capable randonneuring machine. Short fade paint by Tim Dixon, photographs by Eric Baumann.

Royal H Blurple Rando_01 Royal H Blurple Rando_02 Royal H Blurple Rando_03 Royal H Blurple Rando_04 Royal H Blurple Rando_05 Royal H Blurple Rando_06 Royal H Blurple Rando_07 Royal H Blurple Rando_09 Royal H Blurple Rando_10 Royal H Blurple Rando_12 Royal H Blurple Rando_13 Royal H Blurple Rando_14 Royal H Blurple Rando_15 Royal H Blurple Rando_16 Royal H Blurple Rando_18 Royal H Blurple Rando_22 Royal H Blurple Rando_23 Royal H Blurple Rando_24 ]]> 0
Mary’s Townie Wed, 20 Nov 2013 23:29:08 +0000 There comes a time in every commuter’s life where a fenderless fixed gear no longer cuts it. Mary wanted something she could ride in the rain, with comfortable tires and disc brakes that wouldn’t eat through her rims every other winter, that had a few gears for the greater metro area topography, and a front basket to hold her bag when her Fender bass was on her back as she rode to and from band practice. It also had to look good. Hats off to wound up for making a 1″ threadless, disc and rack compatible carbon fork. Paint by Circle A Cycles, photos by the owner.

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