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Ruth’s Porteur Fri, 24 Oct 2014 19:08:17 +0000 a great bike for a great friend. these are the best to build- i had a function requirement, fit dimensions, and the suggestion of color from ruth and the rest was up to me. and the result was a very handsome porteur bike. i tried a new (to royal h) “semi-fastback” seatstay technique which i think looks quite nice. lots of velo orange parts for the build. it’s set up for hauling now, but with a few quick changes, this would be a capable road bike. oh, and as for the lack of fenders, while a true porteur bike need some sort of water management system, this bike is headed to LA, where it never rains. the braze ons are there if ruth ever returns to the east coast, don’t worry.

Royal H Rose Townie_01 Royal H Rose Townie_02 Royal H Rose Townie_03 Royal H Rose Townie_04 Royal H Rose Townie_05 Royal H Rose Townie_06 Royal H Rose Townie_07 Royal H Rose Townie_08 Royal H Rose Townie_09 Royal H Rose Townie_10 Royal H Rose Townie_11 Royal H Rose Townie_12 Royal H Rose Townie_13 Royal H Rose Townie_14 Royal H Rose Townie_15 Royal H Rose Townie_16 Royal H Rose Townie_17 Royal H Rose Townie_18 Royal H Rose Townie_19 Royal H Rose Townie_20 ]]> 0
Bryan’s Touring Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:11:08 +0000 This is one of the benefits of being a custom framebuilder- building bikes for yourself! And this one fits like a GLOVE. Hands down the most comfortable bike I’ve ever thrown a leg over. The touring geometry/position, carbon wound up fork, and s-bend stays all add up to an incredibly nice ride. The bar end shifters are classic touring, and also the shifters I had on my first 10 speed, so a little nostalgic as well. I’ve done a few rides fully loaded, and it feels very well balanced. A little slower on the uphills with all that gear, but the handling is perfect. The parts are no-nonsense, and have proven quite reliable thus far. This bike has room for cross tires as well, so off-road rides aren’t out of the question either. And a 3rd water bottle if I ever travel into the desert.

Tom’s Vintage Randonneur Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:21:18 +0000 This bike is a real custom- Tom had  a real vision of what he wanted in a randonneuring bike- the style and class of an older French machine with the tailored fit and reliable functionality of a modern custom. The result was something that at first glance looks like a Daniel Rebour drawing come to life. Tom and I worked together on the parts- he sourced the vintage French components, while I built wheels with modern alloy rims and the best German generator hubs of this day and age (Schmidt). Tom had the extra benefit of having a talented machinist who created a lot of the vintage looking braze on pieces for this frame. It was the extra touch that made this bike truly unique. The bare chrome is a Royal H first (as were the bi-laminate head tube joints), but looks great with the red bar tape and graphics. This was one of the more ambitious builds I’ve done, and I don’t think I could have pulled off such a convincing job without Tom’s help. A bike like this isn’t something you see every day. Tom keeps me posted on the miles he’s put on it, and it’s up to the task to handle the roads and dirt of New England! Not just a bike for looking at after all.

Royal H Chrome Rando_01 Royal H Chrome Rando_02 Royal H Chrome Rando_03 Royal H Chrome Rando_04 Royal H Chrome Rando_05 Royal H Chrome Rando_06 Royal H Chrome Rando_07 Royal H Chrome Rando_08 Royal H Chrome Rando_09 Royal H Chrome Rando_10 Royal H Chrome Rando_11 Royal H Chrome Rando_12 Royal H Chrome Rando_13 Royal H Chrome Rando_14 Royal H Chrome Rando_15 Royal H Chrome Rando_16 Royal H Chrome Rando_17 Royal H Chrome Rando_18 Royal H Chrome Rando_19 Royal H Chrome Rando_20 Royal H Chrome Rando_21 Royal H Chrome Rando_22 Royal H Chrome Rando_23 Royal H Chrome Rando_24 Royal H Chrome Rando_25 Royal H Chrome Rando_26 Royal H Chrome Rando_27 Royal H Chrome Rando_28 Royal H Chrome Rando_29 Royal H Chrome Rando_30 Royal H Chrome Rando_31 Royal H Chrome Rando_32 Royal H Chrome Rando_33 Royal H Chrome Rando_34 Royal H Chrome Rando_35 Royal H Chrome Rando_36 Royal H Chrome Rando_37 Royal H Chrome Rando_38 Royal H Chrome Rando_39 Royal H Chrome Rando_40 Royal H Chrome Rando_41 Royal H Chrome Rando_42 Royal H Chrome Rando_43 ]]> 0
Single Speed Cyclocross Prototype Mon, 18 Aug 2014 20:57:06 +0000 This bike was a lot of fun to build- I really wanted to combine a lug and fillet on a tapered head tube. This allowed me to use a carbon fiber fork with a tapered steerer tube. The lines of the head tube flow perfectly into the massive carbon fork, and the entire bike looks balanced. The TRP Hylex brakes also were a big reason to build this bike- they look good and are powerful brakes. I built this bike for the Bike Cult Show in NYC, and now it needs a real owner- please check out the flickr page for all the parts details and pricing. The seat tube is 57cm, the top tube 56.5cm (center to center). Photos by Eric Baumann.

_MG_9639 _MG_9645 _MG_9648 _MG_9660 _MG_9661 _MG_9663 _MG_9672 _MG_9677 _MG_9678 _MG_9689 _MG_9695 _MG_9699 _MG_9703 _MG_9712 _MG_9718 _MG_9722 _MG_9727 _MG_9732 _MG_9735 _MG_9739 _MG_9740 _MG_9748 _MG_9752 _MG_9710

]]> 0 Lesley’s Touring Thu, 08 May 2014 17:29:35 +0000 this is the second bike i’ve built for lesley, a wonderful customer whom i happen to also date. she clocks in just north of 5’1″, so i made the choice to build her new touring bike around 650b wheels. it keeps the frame nicely proportional, and when combined with a medium rake fork, eliminates toe overlap. the head tube is fillet brazed as well, to allow for a gently sloping top tube. this keeps the front end at a comfortable height while still allowing for standover. this is a true touring bike as well- three water bottle mounts; braze ons for front and rear racks; plenty of tire clearance; long chainstays; low bottom bracket; comfortable, stable front end. meant to be loaded down and ridden forever. interesting fact- the a-bend seat stays are from the old independent fabrication shop. they invited all the builders for a fire sale before they moved from somerville to newmarket. the stories those seatstays could tell…

paint by tim dixon, photos by eric baumann.

Royal H Blue Randonneur_02 Royal H Blue Randonneur_04 Royal H Blue Randonneur_05 Royal H Blue Randonneur_06 Royal H Blue Randonneur_22 Royal H Blue Randonneur_09 Royal H Blue Randonneur_08 Royal H Blue Randonneur_23 Royal H Blue Randonneur_12 Royal H Blue Randonneur_13 Royal H Blue Randonneur_03 Royal H Blue Randonneur_24 Royal H Blue Randonneur_10 Royal H Blue Randonneur_11 Royal H Blue Randonneur_07 Royal H Blue Randonneur_14


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Chauncey’s Road Thu, 08 May 2014 15:34:59 +0000 this bike really captures the randonneuring spirit- everything you need to bang out a few hundred fast miles over a 90 hour period, and nothing you don’t. fenders to keep that rooster tail off your back (and your friends’ faces); generator powered lights that keeps you rolling into the night, and connect to the hub via the dropout, so there’s no wires to get fouled when you’re bleary eyed and changing a flat at three in the morning; front bag mount to bring all your goos, banannas, ponchos, and sunglasses; big range gearing to get up the steepest hills; super powerful braze on paul centerpull brakes to get you down without having a heart attack. this bike can take 32mm tires with fenders, and if you take the fenders off, you can get another 10mm more tire in there. so it may see some off road miles too. these bikes are fun to build- a lot of functional requirements, but ultimately a light bike that needs to be both comfortable and fast. this is very much why you get a custom bike. this particular bike was requested with “medium trail”, around 40mm, and the reports from the owner are glowing. excellent paint by tim dixon, captured in front of the beautiful boston harbor by eric baumann.

Royal H Orange Rando_01 Royal H Orange Rando_04 Royal H Orange Rando_06 Royal H Orange Rando_08 Royal H Orange Rando_09 Royal H Orange Rando_10 Royal H Orange Rando_12 Royal H Orange Rando_13 Royal H Orange Rando_14 Royal H Orange Rando_15 Royal H Orange Rando_16 Royal H Orange Rando_17 Royal H Orange Rando_19 Royal H Orange Rando_21 Royal H Orange Rando_22 Royal H Orange Rando_24 Royal H Orange Rando_25 Royal H Orange Rando_26 Royal H Orange Rando_27 Royal H Orange Rando_28 Royal H Orange Rando_29 Royal H Orange Rando_30 Royal H Orange Rando_31 Royal H Orange Rando_32 Royal H Orange Rando_33 Royal H Orange Rando_34 Royal H Orange Rando_35 ]]> 0
Joe’s Road Thu, 13 Mar 2014 22:03:36 +0000 this bike was a lot of fun to make. the fillet brazing allowed for total freedom in geometry, which was helpful in designing a frame with 6 degrees of top tube slope for a rider with a history of lower back problems. and for a lugged builder, it’s nice to throw the brass around every now and again. another challenge of the build was trying to hit an aggressive budget without skimping on components. i’m happy to say that this bike fit the rider perfectly and came in under $4000, which is a great price for a complete custom bike, if you ask me! i’ve used sram apex before, and it gets better every year. it’s my go to group for customers who want no nonsense performance at a good price. for customers who want lots of nonsense at a maximum price, i can do that as well. this is custom, after all. the excellent paint on this bike was done by jay at circle a cycles, and captured on film by eric baumann.

Royal H Orange Road_01 Royal H Orange Road_02 Royal H Orange Road_03 Royal H Orange Road_04 Royal H Orange Road_05 Royal H Orange Road_06 Royal H Orange Road_07 Royal H Orange Road_08 Royal H Orange Road_09 Royal H Orange Road_10 Royal H Orange Road_11 Royal H Orange Road_12 Royal H Orange Road_13 Royal H Orange Road_14 Royal H Orange Road_15 Royal H Orange Road_16 Royal H Orange Road_17 Royal H Orange Road_18 Royal H Orange Road_19 Royal H Orange Road_20 ]]> 0
Alison’s Rohloff Rando Mon, 10 Mar 2014 23:31:28 +0000 the other half of the rohloff pair- this one with a slightly different frame construction- the classic mixte. the stays are bent to accommodate the wider spacing of the paragon slider dropouts. sliders are perfect for fendered, internally geared (or single speed) bikes- the wheel drops right out and the fender line is perfect. definitely a builder’s dream. plus they look great. identical to mike’s in almost every regard, build wise, this bike is easy on the eyes. the low trail gives it a french look, while allowing stable handling with a front handlebar bag. lighting is impressive with son and schmidt up front. this thing can ride all day and all night. paint by circle a, photos by eric baumann. Royal H Green Tourer_01 Royal H Green Tourer_02 Royal H Green Tourer_03 Royal H Green Tourer_04 Royal H Green Tourer_05 Royal H Green Tourer_06 Royal H Green Tourer_07 Royal H Green Tourer_08 Royal H Green Tourer_09 Royal H Green Tourer_10 Royal H Green Tourer_11 Royal H Green Tourer_12 Royal H Green Tourer_13 Royal H Green Tourer_14 Royal H Green Tourer_15 Royal H Green Tourer_16 Royal H Green Tourer_17 Royal H Green Tourer_18

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Mike’s Rohloff Rando Mon, 10 Mar 2014 23:15:30 +0000 it’s not often you get to build a set of bikes for a couple! two bikes with the same build- son generator hubs, 14 speed rohloff internally geared and indestructible drivetrains, front and rear v.o. racks (modified for the 650b wheels), and the list goes on and on. most of the parts are instantly recognizable- paul cranks and brakes, king headset, nitto cockpit, and they all fit cohesively into a very practical, very capable set of bikes. no complaining that you don’t have the gears when you and your partner are riding the exact same ratios! mike’s bike features american cast henry james lugs and american machined paragon slider drops- the best looking pair for internally geared, lugged machines, in my opinion. jordan low did a great job of painting the un-photographable klein international blue. in real life it’s both blue and purple at the same time- almost prismatic. photos really don’t do it justice. but eric baumann did a good job getting pretty close!

Royal H Blue Tourer_01 Royal H Blue Tourer_02 Royal H Blue Tourer_03 Royal H Blue Tourer_04 Royal H Blue Tourer_05 Royal H Blue Tourer_06 Royal H Blue Tourer_07 Royal H Blue Tourer_08 Royal H Blue Tourer_09 Royal H Blue Tourer_10 Royal H Blue Tourer_11 Royal H Blue Tourer_12 Royal H Blue Tourer_13 Royal H Blue Tourer_14 ]]> 0