Kickback Show Bike


kick to shift, kick to kill. this bike started with the rear hub. i wasn’t familiar with the non-cable driven internally geared coaster brake hub, and as soon as i saw it i knew i had to build a bike for it. the lugs for this frame were a collaboration between royal h and 3rrr fab. the dropouts are unknown, but clearly very old (they don’t accept modern track axles!). the front fork was spaced at 90mm, and of unknown origins. my dad found it in the back of a bike shop in new jersey. it has hand carved “B”s on the fork tangs, so it’s pretty perfect. the hub is an old phil wood, smooth as butter and painted to match the frame. the fastback seatstays attach to the binder bolt, a style i particularly like. the bike is a blast to ride around town, where you really only need two gears- starting and cruising. something will also always be fun about riding a coaster brake bike. just like your first bike!