Royal H Cycles is about connecting people to their love of cycling. The bike is a means to that end. Anyone who has commissioned a bicycle knows this undeniable truth- that a custom bike is more fun to ride! The goal as a framebuilder is to offer a truly unique experience, not just the bike.

Royal H Cycles is about inspiring people to be better riders and putting a larger smile on their face every time they ride. A custom bike is about creating a relationship between rider and builder that helps bring their vision for the perfect bike into focus. This vision is what is put into the tubes and lugs that are going to become their bicycle. Royal H Cycles is about the big picture as much as it is about the fine details.

I have built track bikes that are shockingly fast, and touring bikes that are incredibly functional; road bikes that can handle a double century, and courier bikes for short sprints through city traffic; tri bikes for the amateur enthusiast, and racing bikes for seasoned athletes. Each frame as unique as its owner, and built with the same exacting levels of craftsmanship.

If you love to ride, you will love a Royal H.


I started Royal H Cycles in 2009 with the goal of combining perfect fit, classic styling, and modern componentry in just the right ratio. Royal H customers know that nothing sort of a custom build will satisfy their unique vision of the perfect bike. Why trust me with this vision? I am serious about my framebuilding. I cut my teeth at Seven Cycles, one of the premier custom titanium and carbon fiber frame manufacturers, where I learned just how precisely bike frames can be built. When I take up the torch to a new frame, I apply these techniques every time, even though my medium is steel, and the joints are brazed. Holding these tolerances in the shop results in a bike that rides perfectly on the road, simply put. I am also serious about listening to and understanding your vision, and I hope to at all points exceed expectations. And while the ride and fit of a bike is paramount, I know that people who ride lugged steel know there’s more, that intangible thing that makes riding their bike a joy. Sometimes it’s a colorway, a lug cutout, a seatstay cap, but often it’s the whole interplay- the character of the bike. Royal H aspires to build bikes with character. If you are interested in owning your own one of a kind bike, let’s talk.